Price list of services not paid by the Insurance company


Price in CZK

On demand driver's license examination (including visual field examination = perimetry and colour perception)


OCT examination = optical coherence tomography - 1 eye


Photo of the anterior segment or retina by a non-mydriatic fundus camera - 1 eye


Pachymetry = cornea thickness examination - 1 eye


Examination of a patient or a foreigner not insured at a public insurance company (for every begun 30 min. time period)


Examination for health condition confimation / verification for various purposes, e.g. on demand entry examination requested by an employer or a non-health institution (e.g. court or police) - price according to the scope of the requested examination


Visual field examination = perimetry for purposes not paid for by the insurance company


On demand (by patient or non-health institution with written approval of patient) extract / copy of documentation e.g. on request of an insurance company, police, court experts / advocates or an employer (paid for by the patient or the requesting institution) according to the scope of the extracted / copied documentation


Filling of a  form for the purposes of e.g. pain verification, insurance payments, acknowledgement of various health-related benefits, various requests e.g. spa resort stays, retirement home admissions and others


Receipt / confirmation of conducted examinations, copy of a lost glasses' receipt or a copy of a doctor's report


Surcharge for communication in a foreign language or more difficult communication / communication mediated by an interpreter


Fee for blocking of appointment times by unreported absences


Prioritized appointment in an exclusive time period e.g. outside of normal office hours (for every begun 30 min)



Contractual insurees of VZP a.s., or different insurance companies, e.g. Slavia pay for the examination themselves or must rely on those commercial insurance companies that they have a contract with.

This office does not have a contract with any contractual commercial insurance company in the Czech Republic.


The option of an on-demand VIP examination out of the official office working hours or preferably without an appointment can be arranged after agreement with the doctor ... fee 500 CZK.

Does not apply to emergency or acute care!